• "Luca is the personal project of Laura Catena, M.D., daughter of Argentina pioneer Nicolas Catena. The Chardonnay, since its inception, has always over-delivered, offering competition to the likes of Kistler, Peter Michael, and Aubert at less than half the price." (The Wine Advocate)
  • "Luca belongs to the Catena family, namely Laura Catena, Nicolas’s daughter, who commutes between San Francisco (where she is an emergency room physician) and Mendoza. The winemaker is Luis Reginato, who is the viticulturalist at Catena Zapata, and judging by the quality of these wines, he is a major talent. This was one of the most consistent and, for want of a better word, “enjoyable” portfolios that I encountered during my trip." (The Wine Advocate)

Basic Info

Laura Catena grew up in a wine-making family in Mendoza. Although she now splits her time between Mendoza and San Francisco (where she is a Emergency Room Physician, university professor, mother of three, and accomplished tango dancer!), Laura's heart remains in Argentina and winemaking. She had a vision of creating a new breed of Argentine wines: small quantities, artisan quality, and true to their individual terroirs. A true pioneer of small-grower relations in Mendoza, Laura's incredible, limited production wines come from some of Argentina's best fruit from low-yield, high elevation, family-owned vineyards. Her final varietal blends deliver power along with complexity and finesse. They are the ultimate expression of rigorous vineyard management, viticultural experimentation, strict irrigation controls, skilled winemaking, and a quest for quality at any cost. Luis Reginato, the winemaker at Luca Winery, is a highly trained, experienced, and respected vineyard consultant and winemaker who receives high praise from wine critics and is definitely a winemaker to watch. Luca is named after Laura's first-born son. The family crest (the McDermott family) that appears in the label's background is that of Laura's husband, Dan. Laura is continually inspired by the synthesis of cultures in her own family, and this international inspiration infuses the style and quality of her wines.

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