Launched in 2006, Thirst Wine Merchants is an Oklahoma distributor of carefully selected fine wines and craft spirits from around the world.

Our goal is and always will be to work with people that we like and to represent products that we believe in. We don’t chase trends, rather, we always try to be ahead of where our market is. No corporate wines, no corporate attitudes.

For a product to be in our book, it must be a “Thirst” wine (or spirit!). What’s that, you ask? A Thirst wine is made by a family, not a factory. A Thirst wine is hand crafted and responsibly produced. A Thirst wine speaks of its place and speaks to its customer.

By design, our portfolio is made up of a mix of up and coming producers and well known brands. A great many of the well-known brands were unknown producers when Thirst started working with them. We’re brand builders. That’s what we do.

We realize that this is business and it can’t all be about passion, but shouldn’t some of it be?