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Argentina, Japan
Ed Lehrman, Nick Ramkowsky
Ed Lehrman, Nick Ramkowsky
Regional manager:
Debbie Johnson
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We are a Sausalito, California-based importer and the exclusive U.S. representative of some of the world's most unique and exciting wines and Japanese sake. In 1999, we pioneered the first nationally imported portfolio of artisan wines from Argentina and have now become the leading US importer of fine Argentinean wines retailing above $10. We are also fortunate to represent 13 of Japan's finest ginjo sake breweries. These small, ancient (our youngest is 86 years old!), and traditional family brewers produce some of the world's most delicious premium chilled sake. We proudly market more than 20 premium sake brands in our outstanding portfolio. We continue to be a specialist and leader in these two regions, sourcing wines and sake that consistently over deliver value while providing education to our customers who sell, serve, and enjoy these amazing fermentations.