South Africa
Cape South Cost
Sub region:
Year founded:
Johan & Sue Heyns
Marelise Niemann
Practicing Organic - Dry-Farmed

Basic Info

Anysbos is more than a plant, wine, winery or even vineyard…it is a place, and a special one at that. Johan and Sue Heyns founded Anysbos in 2008 through happenstance and a near tragic event. Johan was in the film business in Johannesburg and had a very unfortunate run-in with a home invasion when he was shot twice. His brother Bernhard Heyns owns the vineyard just down the road from what is now Anysbos, called Gabriëlskloof, and pleaded with Johan to move to a more stress-free life in the country. Johan completed the purchase of 70ha of land in 2008 and planted the first olive groves. The following year he planted Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir when his brother said he would purchase it all for Gabriëlskloof. Four years later they collectively realized this wasn’t the ideal place for those varieties and ripped them out to replant better suited ones. They also hired a top viticulturist to analyze the soils, water tables, aspect, climate, etc. who recommended that they plant Rhône varieties and a bit of Chenin Blanc. In late 2012 the 10ha vineyard was replanted to bush vine varieties and has been organically dry-farmed since its inception.