Café de Paris

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Year founded:
Bruno Kessler

Basic Info

Open a bottle of Café de Paris and plunge into the friendly atmosphere of a Parisian café. Capture those chance encounters at the counter, say “cheers” for any reason, set the world right from a booth down the back, or chat with new friends on the sunny terrace. Café de Paris is a range of wines with a crisp and refreshing taste. Delicious and thirst-quenching, the drinks are a joy to share on any occasion. As aperitif, with dinner, or enjoyed outdoors, Café de Paris has something for every shared moment. Since 1967, Café de Paris owns a unique and authentique savoir-faire. Elaborated in Cubzac-Les-Ponts in the Bordeaux region, the wines are distributed worldwide. These refreshing wines come from Colombard & Sauvignon Blanc carefully chosen and blended by our chief winemaker. The natural fermentation process gives these wines their delicate & singular perfume.