Yamaguchi-san (Distiller)

Basic Info

The Sunday’s team is close-knit crew of highly-coveted bartenders, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs that are behind some of the most popular restaurants in Hong Kong, including RONIN and Yardbird HK. Their friendship and bonds run deep, like family. Lindsay, Elliott, Alex, Matt, and Suchit are known for building experiences that people flock to. The team and their concepts have been featured in The New York Times: Where The World’s Chefs Want To Eat. Sunday’s Whisky pays homage to all of their favorite Japan distilleries and is a reflection of their own traditions and story. They partnered with Japanese distiller, Yamaguchi-san of Sasanokawa because of his esteemed reputation and the distillery’s unique role in Japanese Whisky history. Sasanokawa has been producing whisky for a quarter millenia (pre-dating Suntory!) and is home of the Asaka distillery. The distillery is located in Fukushima prefecture. The Sasanokawa cellars where Sunday’s Whisky is produced are home to many rare casks including casks produced by other distilleries. The water at Sasanokawa is not only prized for its role in whisky production but sake as well.