Craven Wines

South Africa
Western Cape
Sub region:
Year founded:
Mick and Jeanine Craven
Mick Craven
Minimal Intervention

Basic Info

Craven Wines is a winemaking collaboration between husband-and-wife team Mick and Jeanine Craven. Mick is an Aussie currently working as lead winemaker at Mulderbosch during the day; Jeanine is South African, and they met in California 'dragging hoses' in Sonoma for harvest in 2007. After both having taken to the text books at their respective universities, they decided to hit the road, see lots of things, work in lots of places and try and learn as much as possible from this massive wine world. After travelling across the world together for four years and learning about wines in Australia, Europe, the States and South America, the couple returned to South Africa in late 2011. They feel Stellenbosch has such an amazing array of sites and terroir, and that it is perfect for what they want to do, which is making site-specific, honest wines. In the vineyard the 'less is more' attitude is implemented. They are 'working toward organics' but that term, according to Mick, makes him want to vomit as it is completely overused and rarely implemented. If he were to label their farming it would be “fucking rad ass farming.”