Finger Lakes
Thomas Pastuszak

Basic Info

Hey, we’re VINNY and we're here to upgrade your wine into something easier, bubblier, and frankly tastier. Our secret formula? VIN(Wine) + NY(New York) = VINNY(Bubbly). We’re here to show you how crisp, convenient, and crush-able canned wine truly can be…Trust us, proof’s in the can. From the table to the patio, beach to the top of the ski slopes, we’re ready to go and ready to help you release all your glass bottle(d) frustrations and make you a CANvert. Anytime is a good time to enjoy some good wine with good friends, so grab a can and let's start #VINNYing. Made in New York but enjoyed everywhere, we’re proud to champion New Wine regions, in particular, The Finger Lakes. Thomas Pastuszak, Vinny Founder, set out to create something that embodies the high standards of making wine he has built his career upon (from The Nomad Hotel and Empire Estate Wine) with the ease and accessibility of a canned beverage.