Saint K Wines

Central Coast
Chris Kiranbay
Chris Kiranbay

Basic Info

No one has ever said that I’m a saint. Let’s just say I’ve got a bit of life experience. I learned about holiness from my childhood in the Middle East. I learned about selfless dedication from some former coworkers who shall remain nameless. I learned about benevolence from ex-girlfriends. And I learned about virtue from ...well, no one, actually. Virtue eludes me. I was deeply involved in the restaurant industry in Washington, D.C., when I took a trip to Napa in 2006. I decided that I had to move to California, so I worked a harvest and then finally got to Paso Robles in 2010. I worked in fine dining, and started a wine brokerage. I had found my people. After settling in at Herman Story Wines in 2013, I started making a little of my own wine. The name Saint K is a nod to my proclivity to earn a reputation. The label is a little freaky, it reflects my love for post-apocalyptic/urban-decay scenes and my sly regard for certain landlords I’ve known. My skin-contact Grenache Blanc and a Mourvedre echo the inner-city elegance I know so well. No one ever said that I’m a saint … I might as well own it. Winemaker/Owner Chris Kiranbay