Santiago Ruiz

Riax Baixas
Year founded:
Santiago Ruiz
Luisa Freire

Basic Info

First came Ángel, the grandfather, then his grandson Santiago and now, his daughter Rosa. This Galician family's tradition of winemaking goes back as far as 1860 when Santiago's maternal grandfather, Ángel, founded his own winery. This passion was passed down to his grandson, Santiago Ruiz, who, after retiring, decided to dedicate himself completely to the tradition of his ancestors. Thus, in 1984, he opened his eponymous winery. Today, his legacy continues in the hands of his youngest daughter, Rosa Ruiz, who has been able to strike the difficult balance between traditions conserved through generations and the latest advances to safeguard and preserve the uniqueness and character of the wines. Committed to the original philosophy of our winery, in Santiago Ruiz we take care to preserve this identifying trait for which we are recognised. Love and care in vine growing and winemaking, exclusivity and limited production, maintaining stringency in the personalised attention and hand selection of the bunches of grapes from our own vineyard.