Sorelle di Nicola Feyles

Basic Info

Sorelle di Nicola was founded in 1964 by Maria Feyles and her son-in-law Antonio de Nicola. They first invested in the purchase of a parcel of land in the village of Neive, the Montesommo vineyard, in the heart of the Barbaresco production area. Over the years, other parcels have been progressively added in several villages on the Langhe hills. The family now owns around 7 ha of vineyards, mostly planted with Nebbiolo, but also with Barbera and Dolcetto, which allow an annual production of roughly 40,000 bottles a year. Through the years, the family has consistently shown its attachment to the tradition both in the vineyards and in the winery, striving to produce distinctive wines, true expression of the grapes, and the terroir. In the winery, macerations are long, for higher extraction, ageing is carried out in Slavonian oak casks of medium size (50hl), with no use of barriques, and the number of operations is kept to a minimum, as not to interfere with the natural development of the wine All grapes come from their own vineyards, located in several villages on the Langhe hills, surrounding the town of Alba. Weeds are controlled through light plowing, with no use of herbicides.

Year founded:
Maria Feyles, Antonio de Nicola
Maria Feyles, Antonio de Nicola