Domaine Schoenheitz

Year founded:
Henri & Dominique Schoenheitz
Adrien Schoenheitz

Basic Info

Located at the very limit of the Alsatian Viticultural area in The Muenster Valley, is the sleepy little town of Wihr-au-Val. Domiane Schoenheitz, the only notable grower in the town, has been in the wine business since 1812. The town and vineyards saw significant damage during the Thirty Years War and both World Wars. Henri Schoenheitz Jr and his wife Dominique, fresh out of enology school, began the arduous task of restoring the vineyards in the 1970s. Today the property consists of 15 hectares mostly situated on granite slopes facing due south. A couple of miles further down the valley, the hillsides become Grand Cru Brand. Dominique and Henri’s son, Adrien - who has worked stints in Chateauneuf-du-Pape with Viuxe Telegraphe, in Australia with Torbreck, and in New Zealand and Switzerland - is now fully entrenched as the Domaine’s winemaker since 2014.