Shebang! by Bedrock Wine Co.

Morgan Twain-Peterson
Morgan Twain-Peterson

Basic Info

Shebang! originally began as Sherman & Hooker and was named after the two Civil War generals who founded Bedrock Vineyard in 1854. It is a blend of declassified Syrah, Petite Syrah, and Zinfandel from Bedrock Wine Co., along with selected bulk lots from other small producers. The informing impulse behind Shebang! is to create a wine that is long on deliciousness and low on pretense. They do this by vinifying the wines with the same care and love as the higher end Bedrock wines: picking at respectable sugar levels (not too high!), using only native yeast fermentations, and a trace of good French oak to round things out. All of the lots, whether from Morgan or from friends, were aged in French oak, and saw no chips, staves, or other gobbledy-gook. Morgan chose to make the wine a multi-vintage, multi-varietal blend in order to maintain quality at a terrific price point. These wines provide delicious drinkability and are sure to be value juggernauts!