Adelsheim Vineyard

Willamette Valley
Year founded:
David Adelsheim, Ginny Adelsheim, Jack & Lynn Loacker
David Paige
Sustainable, LIVE Certified

Basic Info

David Adelsheim first planted the grapes of northern Europe in Oregon’s Willamette Valley in 1972 because he believed that fine and distinctive wine could be created in the cool climate of this unknown place. As the industry advanced, we realized that this new region could only succeed if all its growers and winemakers aimed for the highest quality … and we led the collaborative charge to achieve that goal by writing Oregon’s labeling regulations, setting up the system for importing grapevine clones from Europe, and helping found most of the organizations and events that define the industry. Today a new generation of passionate Adelsheim staff continues the tradition of leadership of the Oregon industry in areas such as sustainability, marketing of brand Oregon, grape and wine research, and the ongoing evolution of wine style. In our vineyards and winery, we merge traditional and modern techniques to craft wines that are elegant, complex, rich, age-worthy, yet consistently alluring.