Samuel's Gorge

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At Samuel's Gorge, winemaker/owner Justin McNamee is looking to collate the tools and experience that he has gathered over the years to craft wines with focus, specializing in four key varietals that he thinks excel in McLaren Vale; Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre and Tempranillo.The Samuel’s Gorge label presents an interesting fusion of two belief systems typically thought to be inherently in opposition: the Old World concept of terroir, which suggests the vineyard defines the wine’s uniqueness, and the New World mantra of “blend for best quality.” Clearly Justin embraces the latter, but he also believes the finished wine is inexorably linked to its place of origin. To him, terroir is as much about local culture as it is about micro-climate. “What’s really important to me is that Samuel’s Gorge is unique while being very much a part of the Vale,” he said, “a distinct, diverse, exciting region that offers its own ‘provincial’ experience in an equivalent way to the southern provinces of France or Italy’s Tuscany or Sicily… I think we sometimes ignore these things in Australia, overlooking the heritage that creates special places here in Australia.” The soul of Samuel's Gorge wines is an expression of place and an extension of the people.

South Australia
Sub region:
McLaren Vale
Justin McNamee
Justin McNamee
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