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  • "Vilmart is one of Champagne’s top estates. Proprietor Laurent Champs can be counted on for wines of extraordinary class and elegance. Vilmart is differentiated by the high percentage of Chardonnay in their vineyards. All of the wines are fermented in oak, although you would hardly know that tasting the wines." (The Wine Advocate)

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I just think I’ll permit myself to quote Richard Juhlin’s new book 4000 Champagnes on the subject of Vilmart & Cie: “Vilmart has quickly established cult status... since young Laurent [Champs] took over from his father in 1991, the company has become one of the true gems with the perfect wine, Coeur de Cuvée, as its most brilliant star. This wine was the best made in Champagne during the “off” years of `91, `92, `93 and `97. Hunt like a demon for the scarce 5000 bottles that were made of this gem!” It’s clear to me Vilmart is a Champagne estate of unassailable consequence, a must-have for anyone interested in the possibilities of this most suavely powerful and graceful of all wines. Casks are hardly the point any more. Organic viticulture, (truly!) low yields, remarkable polish of fruit, and the deliberate patient pursuit of a vision of perfection make Laurent Champs’ estate a gemstone gleaming among the chalk. At best, Vilmart’s wines are grandiose and resplendent. With sufficient bottle-age these can take you up and up into rare altitudes of complexity. Even at ground-level they’ve got lots of flavor, as though the flavors were stated in BOLD CAPS.

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Laurent Champs
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