Some Young Punks

South Australia
Sub region:
Clare Valley
Col McBryde, Jen Gardner, Nic Bourke
Vine Street Imports

Basic Info

Some Young Punks epitomize the best of New Australia. The punks consist of Col McBryde (Guinness Book of World Record holder for most tattoos while holding multiple Ph.D's and voted Australia's Young Gun Winemaker of the Year), Jen Gardner (self confessed nerdy yeast expert) and thirdly Nic Bourke (Self proclaimed number one fan of Culture Club - google Nic Bourke and look at the pic in drag - and winemaker extraordinaire). Like most amongst the new breed of interesting, young winemakers in Australia they aren't moved by porty Shiraz and seeks instead a sense of place and restraint the wines, influenced by the best of the Old World and the New. Blame the booze. The whiff and the swill did them in and all that was left to do was to make more. In many ways the wines that weren’t worth the pull on the cork caused this as much as the wines that will never have the pleasure of being decorked again. This is Passion, a monster bigger than the three punks that leads them to soapbox, grandstand and sometimes pass out on the couch. The ethos is simple, self-centered and just a little arrogant - Make charismatic wines that are true to what ‘wine’ should be about. If someone doesn’t like the way we do it then they had better put the bottle down because there’s already not enough to go around. Each wine, each vintage, and each label is a moment that will never come again - a winemaker should only ever promise to be consistently good, never just consistent. Each time a wine is produced it may be the last wine made - and if it isn’t worthy of being the last then it will never wear the Some Young Punks name.