• "Peter Rosback began home-winemaking more than a quarter century ago, and in 1994 launched Sineann with partner David O’Reilly, who subsequently left to start up his own winery, Owen Roe (whose recent work I must try to assess next year). In 2001, Rosback quit his job as an engineer to make wine full-time. Few Northwestern U.S. wineries bottle such a wide range of styles from such far-flung vineyards (to say nothing of his frequency of success in any one of them and his exceptional results with diverse whites), and a number of Rosback’s reds sourced from Eastern Washington will be assessed in my later report focused on that state. (He even renders Sauvignon in Marlborough, New Zealand.)" (Wine Advocate)

Basic Info

Sineann is a small producer of highly intense wines made from the finest grapes from the finest vineyards in the region. Almost all our wines are single-vineyard designated, with low crop levels to ensure that the best characteristics of the varietal and terroir shine through. Our meticulous approach to winemaking - minimal processing, aging in French oak - helps us preserve the character of each wine we create. The result are wines that both we and our growers take great pride in. The bottom line is, we strive to make great wine - the only kind of wine that makes it onto our dinner table. We believe that food and drink, lovingly prepared, make for happier and healthier people. Peter Rosback got his start in winemaking when he made his first Pinot Noir in 1985. In 1994, he launched Sineann with David O'Reilly. Peter has continued the Sineann tradition and David went on to start Owen Roe. Now one of the finest wine producers in the Pacific Northwest, Peter is clearly passionate about making wines he loves, and it shows. Well-known for sourcing fruit from only the best vineyards, Peter carefully crafts wines from vineyards throughout the Pacific Northwest, from Washington's Horse Heaven Hills to California's Napa Valley. In the spring, Peter travels to New Zealand to make Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough Vineyard) and Pinot Noir (Central Otago).

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Peter Rosback
Peter Rosback