Shinas Estate

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George Shinas
George Shinas
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Shinas Estate is situated in the northwest region of Victoria. This region is known for its Mediterranean-like climate, classic wines and great food. The first vines were planted in the region in 1886 and by 1898 vine planting commenced on the estate. With eight generations of grape gowing and wine producing experience, as well as George Shinas' passion for perfection, he draws on time honored traditions to produce premium hand crafted wine. Who is this George Shinas character? None other than your standard night court judge by evening and winemaker turned partying rockstar by day/weekend. The honorable George Shinas is truly the international man of mystery especially when partnered with his dynamic duo brethren and de facto winemaker, Stephen Black of Small Gully. The vines here are gnarly and struggle to stay alive with what seems to be limitless drought and testy soils. George tends to them with the utmost care and love. His wines have developed a bit of a cult following in the US...and by cult, we mean closer to Heaven's Gate and Branch Davidians than Screaming Eagle or Coche-Dury. His wines are smartly named after varying legalese terms...Guilty (Shiraz), Innocent (Viognier), Verdict (Cabernet Sauvignon), Sweet Justice (Moscato) and his bad ass reserve wine (Executioner). Prisoner it is not...this guy puts the prisoners away!!!