Revana Family


  • "Assisted by one of California's foremost vineyard managers, Jim Barbour, and by acclaimed winemaker Thomas Brown, Dr. Revana and his team craft a distinctive, limited production Cabernet Sauvignon-based wine that reflects the soul of the Napa Valley and the heart of our vineyard." (Napa Valley Vintners)

Basic Info

Dr. Mediah Revana is a practicing heart surgeon in Houston, Texas. His passion for wine eventually led him to the conclusion that he wanted to start his own winery. He looked into many outstanding vineyard sites before finally settling on Napa Valley’s St. Helena (not a bad neighborhood: his closest neighbors are Grace Family, Vineyard 29, and Hourglass). As a cardiologist, he understands the specialist’s need for a balance of autonomy and collaboration. In bringing vineyard manager Jim Barbour (Screaming Eagle, Grace Family, Cakebread, D.R. Stephens, etc.) and winemaker Heidi Peterson Barrett (Screaming Eagle, Dalla Valle, Grace Family, Barbour, etc.) to Revana Family Vineyard and supporting them in their work he is acting in the classic tradition of the managing vintner. His role is to provide the guiding philosophy of quality above all else.

Napa Valley
Sub region:
St. Helena
Dr. Madaiah Revana
Thomas Rivers Brown (2011)