Poggio Anima

Ronnie Sanders, Riccardo Campinoti
Riccardo Campinoti
Vine Street Imports

Basic Info

Vine Street Imports has always been at the forefront of quality wine coupled with radical packaging. We have always viewed wine very, very seriously and the vehicle for which it comes not so seriously. There are certainly exceptions to this but when we have ‘full’ control of the product, it generally comes out with a little flair and fun. Poggio Anima is a joint venture between Montalcino superstar Riccardo Campinoti of Le Ragnaie and his importer Vine Street Imports. The idea is pretty simple: to source the best vineyards from existing relationships and produce a real wine that conveys a place and a grape. These wines are not bulk wines, nor leftover juice from a winery, but long term contracts that we have signed with reputable growers. Poggio Anima translates to ‘Hill of Soul.’ Going back to the concept of Poggio Anima we wanted to capture the ‘soul’ of each vineyard and grape. No manipulation, no water, sugar, etc. Just the pure expression of the fruit and site. I would argue that many wines have a ‘soul,’ but very few weeknight wines share this. Poggio Anima has come along to change this. Simply put, Vine Street Imports founder Ronnie Sanders has a very twisted sense of humor and marketing! In all seriousness though there is an everyday dichotomy between good and bad in the world. Looking for balance in all things (including wine) is a vital quest for many. The Eastern ideology of Yin Yang, is the core of this ‘balance’ in the Poggio Anima concept. Fusing this Eastern belief with Western philosophy is apparent when you look at the contradiction of red and white (wines), good vs. evil (demons vs. angels) and modern ideas with old world winemaking practices (catchy, fun packaging with classic old world wine). This is Poggio Anima.