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The Gimonnet family has been growing grapes in Cuis since 1750, selling the fruit until in the early 20th century, Pierre began to vinify the fruit himself. Gimonnet comprises 28 hectares of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir in Cuis, Chouilly and Cramant. His wines are well-made, showing the classical character of the northern Cote des Blancs. The high standard has been maintained from generation to generation, passing first to Pierre’s son Michel and now to his grandsons, Olivier and Didier. Theise: “If there’s a more interesting grower in this (or any) portfolio than Didier Gimonnet, I ain’t met him. Every visit I make here enriches me. His is a 25-hectare winery, therefore enough wine, which is good because it is VERY BEAUTIFUL WINE with great class and savor. And sensible prices! The wines are suave, creamy and refined, with a “soft” minerality dispersed through the fruit. Silky, stylish wines rather than vigorous, racy wines. These are very deliciously accommodating to the palate. I suspect some of it might be due to old vines, which impart a palpable creaminess.” The majority of Gimonnet’s vineyards are more than 40 years old, the oldest parcel (in Cramant) is more than 80. The wines tolerate a very low dosage, 6-8 grams per liter for most Bruts. “For me, we must have concentration, but also balance, elegance and harmony,” says Didier. All wines are 100% Chardonnay.