Moulin des Chênes

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The Famille Brechet (Chateau Vaudieu, Domaine des Bosquets) also own an estate in Lirac - Moulin des Chenes – the most recent purchase of the family. The vineyards extend over the villages of Lirac, Roquemaure & Saint Laurent des Arbres, along the banks of the Rhône. On the estate, there is a lovely old Moulin (windmill) located in the estate, that can be found among the centuries old oak trees.¶Lirac wines have been produced in the region since pre-Roman times and were the favorite wines of kings and the papal community in Avignon - both Henry IV of France and Louis XIV served them regularly in court (then known only as ‘Rhône Wine’). The port of Roquemaure became important and prosperous and it was from here that “Côtes-du-Rhône” wines left for Paris, England and Holland. The “Lirac” Local Appellation was awarded by decree in 1947. The 11 hectare estate of Moulin des Chênes is on soils composed of sandy type terrains with pebbles, but also limestone and red clay. Vineyards are an average of 35 years old.

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