La Valentina


  • "La Valentina is a young winery. The estate makes richly flavored, modern-styled wines under the guidance of oenologist Luca d'Attoma. These delicious wines are sure to find many fans… I found it impossible to resist [the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo]…great value too." (The Wine Advocate)
  • "In the past, Montepulciano red were often over-cropped and rustic, made mostly for the jug-wine market. But a few Abruzzo producers are dedicated to crafting quality Montepulciano reds; Di Properzio, owner of the La Valentina estate, is among them." (Wine Spectator)

Basic Info

Fattoria La Valentina was founded in 1990 in Spoltore, a village nestled amongst the Pescara hills on the central Adriatic coast. Abruzzo is two-thirds mountains and hills and one-third coastal terrain, prime conditions for grape growing. Producers here have historically made industrial bulk wines. In recent years several artisan producers have arrived on the scene and are turning out top quality wines from Abruzzo's indigenous Montepulciano and Trebbiano varietals. La Valentina is at the helm of this group.¶ Following initial and extensive viticultural research, Di Properzio began a quest for quality and promoting Abruzzese DOCs. Two major developments in 1998 supported this goal: initiating the Binomio project with Stefano Inama and hiring Luca D'Attoma as winemaker. ¶While taking a very traditional approach to farming and employing a variety of organic and biodynamic farming methods, Di Properzio also uses the most current technology to ensure that the fruit's integrity is maintained from grape to glass.

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Sabatino, Roberto, Andrea Di Properzio
Luca D'Attoma
Dalla Terra Winery Direct