CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs


  • "Top 100 Most Influential U.S. Winemakers. Paul Hobbs is owner and winemaker for Paul Hobbs Winery, CrossBarn Winery and Vina Cobos in Mendoza. Paul is a pioneer in this industry, from having a hand in the discovery of Malbec's potential in Argentina, to venturing into regions such as Hungary, Armenia, Uruguay and Cahors. He has his hands in soil all over the world and is recognized as being one of the best in identifying regions that are over or undeveloped and finding a solution. He's a farmer at heart but also a good business man. He looks at the industry to see where he can make a market improve and he looks at a region to see what he can discover." (Into Wine)

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Growing up on a working farm in upstate New York, Paul experienced first-hand the influence of terroir on the character of fruit, when his father had him taste apples of the same variety grown in different orchards several miles apart from one another. The diversity of flavors and textures made an impression on him and would later influence his approach to winemaking. One of eleven children, Paul helped his father achieve a lifelong dream of transforming some of the farm’s acreage from apples, nuts and peaches to wine grapes. As a winemaker, Paul is highly regarded for his ability to identify exceptional vineyards, and for his pioneering spirit in working innovatively with new and historical sites and regions. His success has inspired a wealth of nicknames among the press, from quiet trendsetter to prospector to truffle-hunting dog. Initially hired by Robert Mondavi for his advanced understanding of oak aging, he was soon promoted to the inaugural Opus One winemaking team. Following his Mondavi experience, Paul joined Simi Winery as Winemaker before going on to consult for Peter Michael, Fisher Vineyards, Lewis Cellars, Bodegas Catena and others. Having founded Paul Hobbs Winery in 1991 and Viña Cobos in 1999, he continues to be a leading consultant winemaker around the globe. CrossBarn began as just one small lot of Cabernet Sauvignon from the 2000 vintage but its popularity has inspired the introduction of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, to make a family of three. With CrossBarn, Paul ventures beyond the vineyards sourced for Paul Hobbs wines while holding to his ideals of sustainable vineyard practices and gentle winemaking techniques, to bring you wines of stunning quality and exceptional value.

North Coast
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Napa, Sonoma
Paul Hobbs
Paul Hobbs