Cleto Chiarli


  • "Once again, 'Three Glasses' awarded to Chiarli but, even more importantly, an impressive general quality of this Company's wins, thanks to hard work and serious investments in the vines' care… 'Three Glasses' for the Vecchia Modena Premium…" (Vin d'Italia 2012, Gambero Rosso)
  • "All wines are made with small lots of grapes from the very best vineyards… in the Cialdini estate winery with the best modern technology. This attention to details was clear in our tastings of the wines… true examples of terroir." (Bibenda Wine 2012)

Basic Info

An ambitious purpose. One and a half century of wines, one family, millions of bottles produced, appreciation from all over the world, eagerness for a never-ending improvement. This is how ‘Cleto Chiarli’ was born. It is more than only a winery; it is a world where to produce excellent wines, the ideal cradle where to get the best out of Lambrusco grapes. A modern structure, up-to-date technologies, a setting where you can almost breathe history and tradition. No hurry, nor production anxieties, only the wish to improve ourselves. This is how products such as ‘Vecchia Modena Premium’, ‘Fondatore’ and ‘Vigneto Cialdini’ were born, true oenological icons, so linked with their environment and tradition that just the name of Lambrusco cannot convey their true qualities, and is inadequate to express the uncomplicated mineral taste of Sorbara or the rich and fruity sensuousness of Grasparossa.

Year founded:
Mauro & Anselmo Chiarli
Franco De Biasio & Michele Faccin
Dalla Terra Winery Direct