• "Last year, I met Justin Harmon, the proprietor of Argot, during an open house at the custom crush facility [Vinify] he uses in Santa Rosa. In the year that has transpired since then, my initial assessment of him being a winemaker to watch seems increasingly accurate; his first reviews in pdwr, issue three included seven wines, averaging less than 100 cases each. Imaginative, respectful pricing, small production and excellent quality have this brand on a roll. In a marketplace where finding new producers of high quality, micro production wines requires a good bit of searching, do yourself a favor and set your GPS to" (Doug Wilder, purely domestic wine report)

Basic Info

An argot is a secret language used by various groups—including, but not limited to, thieves and other criminals—to prevent outsiders from understanding their conversations. The term argot is also used to refer to the informal specialized vocabulary from a particular field of study, hobby, or job. ARGOT is the brainchild of Winemaker Justin Harmon. Dedicated to crafting small lots of white and red wine made at the very highest level. Justin was inspired to get into winemaking by an interview he read some years ago with legendary winemaker Sean Thackery. Thirst Wine Merchants is proud to introduce a very exciting new voice in winemaking to the state of Oklahoma!

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Justin Harmon
Justin Harmon