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  • "…Alois Lageder has been one of the very first to deal with one of the most central issues of wine production. Alois has tirelessly continued to analyze the complex relationship between man, the grapevine, the cycles of nature and the local community to which his winery belongs. Today he is representing a model for all other producers who are willing to go down this path." ('Alois Lageder -- Sustainable winery of the year', by Gambero Rosso, Vini d'Italia, 2012)
  • "Some of Trentino-Alto Adige's most brilliant and bracing wines come from Alois Lageder. While Lageder's single-vineyard pinot biancos and chardonnays have deservedly impressive reputations, a more humble variety like pinot grigio demonstrates just how masterful Lageder truly is. Talk about intensity!" (Karen MacNeil, The Wine Bible)

Basic Info

Alois Lageder is a synonym for the highest standard of quality and authenticity, for a sustainable, holistic corporate philosophy in organic-biodynamic viticulture and winemaking, and for a wide spectrum of cultural and artistic activities. Founded in 1823, and now led by Alois Lageder, the fifth generation of family ownership, the winery combines tradition and innovation. The wines are divided into two assortments: Tenutæ Lageder and Alois Lageder. In 1934, the family aqcuired the Löwengang estate in Magrè and subsequently acquired other vineyards in prime positions in Alto Adige. Since the 1980 the current, fifth generation Alois Lageder's innovative ideas and strategies, and pioneering practices such as "quality rather than quantity" have led the movement to improve Alto Adige's wine industry. Alois Lageder plays a leading role in recognizing and developing Alto Adige's single vineyard wines. His winemaking philosophy is founded on a holistic approach with the goal of making wines with authentic character while leaving the natural environment as intact as possible for future generations.

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