• "Wine & Spirits Winery of the Year, 2009. Each year, the Wine & Spirits blind tasting panels review more than 9,000 wines and pass the best along to their critics. The annual Wineries of the Year list is made up of brands who produce a range of wines that score at the top of their categories. Adriano Adami performed in the top echelon as a great ambassador for Prosecco." (Wine & Spirits)

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Solid roots of effort and tradition have given the life-blood to wines exuberant, and full of fruit. Following grandfather Abele and father Adriano, the youngest generation, Armando and Franco have brought to the house of Adami a refined technological approach to the art of producing some of the best spumante wines of the Valdobbiadene. The direct involvement in the success of their Prosecco production is demonstrated in Franco’s current leadership of the Valdobbiadene Consorzio. This is how the family expresses the values of their land: sound work, respect for human relationships, a sense of hospitality and continuity between past and present. An estate, and above all, a family. In 1920 Grandfather Abele purchased the "Giardino" vineyard (whose name “Zardini” dates to 1717) from Count Balbi-Valier. A southern facing amphitheatre with shallow calcareous soil, the Prosecco vines cling to chestnut stakes and it is here that the Adami’s nurture the production of its greatest spumante that is recognized as Prosecco’s first "Cru". A wine of legendary status for over eighty years and still the benchmark for Prosecco today.

Armando & Franco Adami
Armando & Franco Adami
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