32 Winds Wines


  • "The 32 Winds venture has Ehren Jordan at the helm (Formerly with Turley, today owner-winemaker of Failla and of course 32 Winds). This venture has quietly created some cult following among our clientele. Last week I conducted a blind tasting of 10 high-end Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, and in both flights 32 Winds sailed away from the crowd." (Frank Melis' Wine)
  • "Top 100 Most Influential U.S. Winemakers. Ehren Jordan is better known, or maybe not, as the winemaker at Turley, not Helen herself, for 18 years, helping to craft iconic California Zinfandels. But his Failla label has taken off and is an anomaly in Napa where he makes tightly allocated and highly regarded Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah, proof that the right winemakers can make high alchohol Zinfandels while also making delicate Pinot Noir. The San Francisco Chronicle named him Winemaker of the Year in 2008." (Into Wine)

Basic Info

32 Winds Wine is a partnership between the old and the new, the traditional and the cutting-edge. Tulsa resident Ed Mascarin founded the brand. Ed is the grandchild of Italian immigrants who settled in California from Friuli in northern Italy. His grandparents bought 40 acres of land and planted grapes, and Ed was raised in the vineyards where he learned the time-honored arts of grafting and trellising from his father and grandfather. Ed’s father Tony was the cellar master for Californian pioneer Louis Martini in the 1930’s. Ed’s life has now taken a full circle back to viticulture, as he has teamed up with one of the finest talents in the country - renowned winemaker Ehren Jordan. Ehren made his fame crafting the cult wines at Turley Wine Cellars and also founding his own winery Failla. In 2008 he was not only named the US Winemaker of the Year by the San Francisco Chronicle, but was also honored for creating the #1 Wine of the Year by the Wine Enthusiast.

North Coast
Sub region:
Napa, Sonoma
Year founded:
Ed Mascarin, Mia Mascarin-Oven
Matt Taylor