Russell Henry Gin

United States
Ansley Coale, Crispin Cain, Devin Cain
Rye N Flint

Basic Info

The gins we are familiar with are mostly “London Dry” gins, column-still spirits derived from corn, grains, or even sugar beets, flavored with juniper (otherwise it can’t be called gin) and usually other flavoring agents/botanicals, natural or artificial. There are other types of gin, and the spirit has an interesting social history: see the Wikipedia article on gin. Russell Henry uses a wheat-based grain-neutral spirit redistilled on the Germain-Robin 16HL cognac still, and also on a small Holstein potstill, following infusion with juniper, coriander, orris root, and lemon peel. For the real-fruit versions, Crispin uses the leaves and fruit of the limau purut, a deep-flavored lime native to Malaysia, and Hawaiian ginger sourced from an organic grower on Kauai.