Mezcal Animas

Procoro Bautista

Basic Info

Focused on the rare wild agave cupreata, called papalometl where Animas sources it. Animas distills a 100% papalometl, a truly gorgeous espadín, and a rich ensamble of the two. Everything is done as it should be, or better. This is great mezcal. Eber Villalobos has been in the mezcal trade for 11 years. He decided to use his knowledge to produce a genuinely excellent mezcal – no bells & whistles, no over-blown hype: just the real thing. Eber has worked in Silacoyoapam, up north in the mountainous Mizteca, where he sources his wild papalometl (agave cupreata), but has moved to a notably well-run distillery in Santiago Matatlan. Observe how clean the place is: being meticulous tends to mean great product. Mezcal Animas is produced in a small distillery in Santiago Matatlan, the epicenter of mezcal distillation in Oaxaca. Owner/maestro Procoro Bautista and brother Edilberto use the traditional artisanal methods, as simple as it gets. The skill, the gift, is getting every detail absolutely right. The profile of the three expressions was developed in consultation with chemist Luis Reyes. Procoro uses a below ground stone-lined pit (horno), a stone mill (tahona), white oak fermentation tanks, native yeasts, and wood-fired 250-liter copper pot stills.