Heaps Good Wine Co.

Sub region:
Pohorje Foothills
Year founded:
Marija and Nick Gee
Nick Gee

Basic Info

Heaps Good Wine Company is a small family owned and operated winery producing exceptional wines from local and international grape varieties. The vineyards are planted on the foothills of the Pohorje range near Slovenska Bistrica in the region of Stajerska, eastern Slovenia. Heaps Good Wine Co was founded by Marija and Nick Gee in 2010 and currently produces around 4000 cases of top quality wines each year. “We - are free now. We, the grapes of Stajerska, the ones that New-Zealand born Nick got his mud-dirty, ample hands on. Gee, it´s like good old times with him. Being picked when ripe - he´s gently biting us to get his brews right. Then his cellar in Ritoznoj - damp and tempered, earthy, it sounds like a light rain outside as the barrel ferments rip along. He's married to Slovenian girl, Marija with whom he fathered two sons, so he'll stick around for a bit. Has to. We, the grapes of Stajerska, demand it. Look, he's treating us fair - no freezing nor heating like it happens to our (s)kin elsewhere, no quick yeast hangovers and enzyme cold turkeys, we don't end up op-, sup- and eventually depressed like our grape brothers. Nick, who knows terror from terroir, is just pressing us, squeezing us, letting us be - and go. If it served to get the funky juice, he´d hug us dry.” - Thomas Ernst Brunnsteiner