The Juice Asylum

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Alessio Guidi
Alessio Guidi
Certified Biodynamic

Basic Info

The Juice Asylum is a project started in 2016 by Alessio Guidi at Avignonesi Winery. Being a fanatic on all things quirky, interesting and above all terroir driven, he embraces the idea of allowing wine to have an experimental playground where the natural element is encouraged rather than denied and put into a facility (an Asylum, if you will) for correction. Since so much time is spent on the selection of the grapes (sourced from biodynamic or organic vineyards at Avignonesi Winery) the idea is to use minimal intervention, co-fermentation and different styles of aging to allow the wine to speak of where it is from rather than be made. Alessio is very entrenched in the natural wine community in London, as it is now his new home away from home. His inspiration has come from many of the Loire Valley, Jura, Swartland and Australia’s finest natural winemakers. Being able to work with such pristine fruit from which he has not only an affinity but a very personal connection reflects in the soul of the wines according to Alessio. There are always new ideas in Alessio’s head and they will become demonstrated in future releases.