Misfits Wine Co.

South Australia
Sub region:
Barossa Valley
Year founded:
Ronnie Sanders

Basic Info

Misfit Wine Co. was founded in 2006 by a group of non-conforming, brazen, intellectual wine professionals seeking to stir up the conversation of Australian wine. The misfits represent an ever-evolving wine culture rejecting convention, and seeking wines that are loud, raw and a lot of fun. Like many relationships and friendships, things change over the years. That college sweetheart? Not even friends on Facebook. Other relationships come back full circle though and sometimes a friend from the past resurfaces…exes anyone? The latest iteration of Misfits Wine Co. and Cycle Buff Beauty is all of that put into one 750mL bottle of pleasure. The ‘misfits’ have grown up a bit with their kids uploading videos to Tic Toc, running out of square footage to tattoo, and all-in-all just getting a bit older. That said, there is still that kid inside of all three that wants to play; work hard and play hard is the mantra.