Roche-Mère Wine Selections

The term ‘Roche-Mère’ best translates from French to English as ‘Bedrock’. It is a technical, geological term that is not at the tip of everyone's tongue in France, except for those select growers who understand and are passionate about their Terroir. Roche-Mère is the foundation, expression and personality of a great wine. Where the vines' roots (dry-farmed) dig vigorously to feed, making France, as a wine-producing country with its complex patchwork of quality bedrock, the undeniable reference for fine wines. These are the wines that we're passionate about; mineral, deep, complex reds and whites, that express their specific typicity and origin. Only a few meet our standards for quality and value. Just as important, the people who make the wines must be exceptional people. We are not interested in wines made by people who are anything less than as magnificent on a human level as the liquid they put into bottle. We hope you enjoy our selections.

Basic Info

Theo Mellion
Regional manager:
Mike Murral
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