Verity Wine Partners

Verity Wine Partners was founded in September 2009 with the goal of offering the finest wines available from all quarters of the globe. A Verity producer, often a family-owned mid-size producer and often served by a first-class importer, is considered by Verity to be in every aspect a partner that shares enormous respect for the vineyard, believes in thoroughly responsible farming and recognizes the need to integrate all components of the natural order to create the best wines that nature will allow. Our philosophy, as reflected in our name, is to establish honest and open partnerships with our customer base and suppliers through business practices that are both uncomplicated and transparent. From this foundation, our goal is to create demand for our product, and we believe that in doing so we are also creating demand for the ideals of our producers, and sustaining a process where quality can rule at the expense of volume. Our mission is to fight back against the power of the mass-produced, the mass-distributed and to create space for the voices of those who speak through their passions, conscience and values, voices that reflect both the authenticity of their wine and the integrity of their land – voices that speak not for their wines but through them.

Basic Info

France, Greece, South Africa
Chris Desor
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