Maison Sichel

Ever since it was set up as a buying office in Bordeaux in 1883, Maison Sichel has remained, first and foremost, a family business. Since that time, six generations of the Sichel family have succeeded one another at the company’s helm. Over the years, it has flourished to a trully international dimension.A simple acquisitions office at first, then a fully-fledged wine trading company which gradually became involved in production, Maison Sichel has seized every opportunity to expand its field of competency and action. The company has undergone dramatic transformation over the past 50 years, with the purchase of a winemaking facility, construction of a bottling plant, acquisition of two estates as well as a négociant vinificateur, and construction of a safe for Grands Crus.

Basic Info

Allan Sichel
Hermann Sichel
Regional manager:
Alexander Sichel
Year founded: