Pisco logia

Pisco Logia 'Acholado'

Craft Distillers

Pisco LOGIA is a grape brandy distilled and bottled at the Pisco LOGIA vineyards in the Mala Valley south of Lima, Peru by founder/distiller Meg MacFarland & distiller Nati Gordillo. Pisco distilled in Peru is the real thing: the traditional production methods are regulated by the Peruvian government. Like mezcal in Mexico, the spirit has deep cultural and social meaning among indigenous Peruvians. Along with llamas, cotton, certain indigenous ceramics and silver jewelry, and the lucuma tree, pisco is by law treated as an important manifestation of Peruvian culture. The piscos of Pisco LOGIA are exceptionally pure and well-distilled. Since the distillery is in the vineyards where the grapes are harvested and the wines are made, the flavors and aromatics are as clean and fresh as can be. These piscos make beautiful cocktails! A blend of brandies from the Quebranta and the aromatic Italia grape. Fruity, subtle, and citric, with a hint of muscat.

Mala Valley
Wine type:
Spirit - Brandy
750 mL

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