Ribera del Duero
Year founded:
Juan Carlos Vizcarra, Jordi Portillo

Basic Info

After many years of business relationships and friendship between Bodegas Vizcarra (Juan Carlos Vizcarra) and BIG 5 (Jordi Portillo), in 2009 both friends started to think about a new and fresh wine project to help showcase the quality and diversity of the Ribera del Duero wine region. After 5 years, it was every day the same song, “Oh Yes, we will do, we will do…”, Juan Carlos said to Jordi. This is the meaning of Larán Larán, a local way of saying in Spanish from Ribera del Duero “ya lo harán, ya lo harán...” (Larán Larán) … we will do, we will do. Finally, in 2013, Juan Carlos Vizcarra launched in the market the first vintage of these 2 wines. Roble & Crianza. Today, Larán Larán is not a dream, it is a reality.