Péter Vida

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There is something very churchlike standing in Péter Vida’s beautiful catacomb cellar. Built under their former home that now serves as the winery, you could be forgiven if you mistakenly thought you were somehow transported back to the old Eastern Roman Empire, which perhaps isn’t too far off considering the Szekszárd wine region can trace its roots in winemaking back to the Romans. It is in this beautiful setting that Péter Vida crafts arguably the most polished and pristine red wines in all of Hungary. Vida came early to viticulture, studying in high school at the Soviet run vocational school, and later choosing a career at one of the many Soviet era state wineries. Although in those days the focus was on bulk and not on crafting premium wines and proper viticulture, Péter Vida always knew his path would be a different one. After the fall of the Soviet Union Vida took the opportunity and became one of the first to take the major risk of beginning a privately held winery in 1990. It was a risk that needless to say has paid off. Due to Vida’s immense talent, arduous work, and uncompromising devotion to quality he has risen to the ranks of one of the most respected winemakers in his beloved country, as well as playing an integral part in its wine revival.

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Péter Vida
Péter Vida