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Tokaj is in Edit and István Bai’s blood. For as long as anyone can remember their family has tended vines in the famed Hungarian region building a reputation for hard work and an undying commitment to quality. Even in the Soviet era when cheap over cropped wines were not just the fashion, but the government demand the Bai’s took great pride in the quality of their fruit allowing only family members to work in their vineyards to help insure the high quality they set for themselves. Both Edit and István committed themselves early to this idea of hard quality minded work. When Edit was 19 and István was just 12 years old, their father fell ill leaving them to manage the entire vintage from harvest to fermentation by themselves (not producing wine for the co-op was not an option in those days). Flash forward 20 years and both Edit and István our both considered some of the most accomplished winemakers in the region. Edit having worked as the winemaker for the famed Dereszla and István having worked stints at Dr. Loosen in Germany and Alta Vista in Argentina before returning home to take the helm of Chateau Pajzos and Megyer. Now the pair have re-joined forces to finally realize the family dream of having their own winery once again.

Edit Bai and István Bai
Edit Bai and István Bai