Clos des Calades

Sub region:
Coteaux du Languedoc
Year founded:
Laurence Escavi
Laurence Escavi

Basic Info

Laurence Escavi has never been one to follow the norm. A native of Paris, born to non-farming parents, Laurence decided early on in life that the city was not for her. After high school she decided to leave the capital and go to the University of Wine of Suze la Rousse. Upon graduating in 2003 with a degree in viticulture and oenology Laurence headed to the south of France to begin her career. After stints at Clos Petite Bellane in Vinsobres and Domaine de Valdition in Les Baux de Provence Laurence found herself at Clos des Calades in 2005. At that time the estate was being run by a trio of 60-year-old friends who were looking for a direction to take their fledgling winery. Laurence helped get the vineyard into shape and decide a path to take the winery and for years worked alongside the founders learning the land and developing a dream for the estate’s historical vineyards. The Vineyards of Clos des Calades are in the historic village of Langlade in the Coteaux du Languedoc region of southern France. This village outside of Nimes is one of the only villages in southern France to have earned the three vines coat of arms given by Louis the XIV to wine regions who had earned the favor of the royal court. For years Langlade was considered one of the great wine regions of France until multiple hardships in modern times hit the region and precipitated it’s fall from grace. It was that glorious past of Langlade that Laurence was envisioning bringing back to the world. Finally, after seven years in 2012 Laurence was able to purchase the Clos des Calades estate and set forth her vison. In 2013 she set in motion the move toward organic farming and ultimately the official certification of the vineyards in 2017. Today Laurence is considered a rising star in the French winemaking industry, especially among fans of organic, more naturally made wines