Basic Info

Jaanihanso is a family owned cider house and orchard located on a historic farm dating back to the 18th century. The Roosimaa family bought Jaanihanso in 2000. Their knowledge of the farm’s history originates from the papers that they found from the house, and from older villagers stopping at their gate to reminisce about the “old days”. We have been making home cider for many years. Over the years these domestic experiments began to result in a product that gradually started to win over our summer lunches, dinners and social gatherings from other drinks. And then people asked us why don’t we make some for sale. This lead to Alvar taking a cider course in Gloucestershire and later practising in Somerset at Burrow Hill. Our “cider-philosophy” is based on a principle that cider is a natural product and the more we can preserve of the natural in the final product the better and more complex it is. We try to nurture the natural fermentation for as long as possible into the process, add only what is absolutely necessary, and give the cider plenty of time to develop. We are focusing on bottle fermented traditional method cider.

Year founded:
Alvar & Veronika Roosimaa