Eric Artiguelongue

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A cellar master for over 30 years in Armagnac, Eric Artiguelongue is uniquely situated to develop the best of this traditional French brandy. Previously a Cellar Master at a renowned Armagnac estate (let's just say its name rhymes with Ch√Ęteau de Laubade), Eric Artiguelongue struck out on his own in 2005 to create his own line of brandies. With over 30 years of experience maturing and blending Armagnac, Eric is able to offer some of the appellation's greatest undiscovered gems. Purchased in minute quantities from small growers-distillers, the Armagnacs Eric works with are aged in oak barrels until they have reached their optimum quality and then stored in glass to maintain their peak condition. Eric then bottles the Armagnacs himself. In a region often stymied by tradition, Eric's Armagnacs excite in all their un-manipulated glory. There's no use of boise, caramel or sweeteners here.

Eric Artiguelongue
Eric Artiguelongue