Camel Valley Vineyards

Year founded:
Lindo Family
Sam Lindo

Basic Info

Tucked away down in Cornwall at the south-western tip of England lies one of the country’s most exciting wineries. Camel Valley Vineyards was set up by former Royal Air Force pilot Bob Lindo and his wife Annie on their farm in 1989 when the phrase 'English Wine' was an oxymoron. Their self-taught hard work and vision has been rewarded with a steady string of accolades from the first vintage onwards, a reputation that has been further bolstered since son Sam Lindo took over the reins as winemaker. While many of England’s highest quality sparkling wines are made from traditional Champagne grape varieties – as indeed is Camel Valley’s acclaimed brut rosé – the Lindos have demonstrated the quality potential of other northern European grapes such as Seyval Blanc on their south facing slopes. Nor does the soil here feature any of Champagne’s famous chalk, but ancient slate instead, further adding to the sense that these wines are no mere imitators but distinctly and proudly English in character.