Lucy Margaux

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This is a story. A story of a South African born, hospitality industry workingman turned ideological winemaking savant. This story like most, isn't that simple. Like everything with Anton Van Klopper, winemaker & founder of Lucy Margaux/Domaine Lucci, things appear very simple on the outside but once one peels the skin back from the onion there are layers and layers of the 'other,' the good stuff that is. “We aim to produce wines that express themselves. To achieve this at the highest level I would never consider adding yeast, bacteria, acid, sugar or any of the other artificial or natural additives. A winemaker can choose to be an artist or a chemist. I believe that winemaking is a craft; all our decisions are made with the aid of a wine glass and traditional skills, with the aim of developing the wines true identity,” says Anton. The range of wines is simple: Domaine Lucci, his glug-a-lug rustic house wine-equivalent made from grapes that don’t make the cut for the top Lucy Margaux wines. The Lucy Margaux label is defined by a number of Pinot Noirs from individual sites albeit, not necessarily autonomous vineyards. As Anton says, place is defined by taste and not limited to a single plot of land.

South Australia
Sub region:
Adelaide Hills
Year founded:
Anton Van Klopper
Anton Van Klopper
Vine Street Imports