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“SCRIBE is one of the hottest wineries in California right now.” In 2007 proprietor brothers Adam and Andrew Mariani acquired 256 acres which included a waning turkey farm three miles east of the Sonoma Town Square that has a long and colorful history. The site dates to 1858 when brothers Emil and Julius Dresel established the wine property. They may have planted the first Riesling and Silvaner vines in the United States. The Mariani brothers enlisted Kristof Anderson, protégé of Nils Venge and former winemaker at Lewis Cellars, to help them make the wines and translate their philosophy of natural winemaking. Viewing themselves as scribes of the land, they have outlawed the use of chemicals and forced stabilization in the winery, and employ only natural methods of fermentation. In the few years since their first vintage, few California wineries have received as much buzz as Scribe—having been featured in GQ, Paper, The New York Times, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits, Food & Wine, and more. (An especially impressive feat considering Scribe does not allow its wines to be scored by wine critics.) This buzz is all grass roots and all genuine. After several of our other vintner friends told us that Scribe was one of the hottest things in California wine, Thirst finally checked them out in the spring of 2015. And we are really glad that we did! We can’t say enough good things about these wines or the people behind them and we’re extremely excited to introduce them to Oklahoma for the first time!

Sonoma Valley
Year founded:
Adam Mariani, Andrew Mariani
Kristof Anderson