Napa Valley
Sub region:
St. Helena
Year founded:
Doug Wight, Jack Stuart, Stu Harrison
Jack Stuart

Basic Info

For two decades, Doug Wight, Jack Stuart and Stu Harrison lived in the same St. Helena neighborhood—a grape grower, a winemaker and a wine marketer, each following his own career. The years passed and they came to know each other as they raised their families, including three daughters who became friends and played together in the vineyards near their homes. In addition to the neighborhood, the three shared a passion for authentic Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2005 they formed a partnership, bringing together their talents in the vineyard, the cellar and the marketplace. The wine, Cabernet of course, would be called TRIVIUM, Latin for “a place where three ways meet.” Each partner contributes lifelong experience to the enterprise. Doug farms a vineyard established by his great-great grandfather on St. Helena benchland in 1864. Jack grew up in the orchards of Santa Clara Valley and has made wine in every vintage since 1975. After college Stu worked in a Rheingau cellar and he’s been in the business ever since. The vineyard, “Les Ivrettes,” takes its name from the French for tipsy girls, recalling the days when daughters Haley, Caitlin and Cassie gathered among the vines for celebrations with friends. Their bright spirits are honored in the TRIVIUM label.