Maison L'Orée


  • “Maison L’Orée, which means “home at the edge of the forest”, is an ambitious collaborative effort by famed San Francisco sommelier and legendary Burgundy advocate Rajat Parr, and Charles Banks of Screaming Eagle. This ‘negociant’ business provides card-carrying Burgundy fanatics as well as uninitiated newcomers the opportunity to explore the Côte d’Or through Raj’s carefully vetted selections. Drinking Maison L’Orée wines is like having your own personal sommelier to escort you through the bewildering intricacies of Burgundy” (The New York Times)

Basic Info

Rajat Parr’s devotion to Burgundy is well-known. Since his earliest days as a Sommelier in San Francisco, the great reds and whites of the Côte d’Or have been his muses. His deep love for the wines, food, people and culture of Burgundy compel him to visit France multiple times a year and pay homage to this great region by the restaurants he creates and the wines he makes in California. The creation of the negociant house Maison L’Orée is therefore a dream come true for Rajat—his first opportunity to actually help produce the very wines that have inspired his life. For both the avid consumer of Burgundian wines and the newcomer to this often-intimidating region, Maison L'Oree presents the opportunity to explore the region via vetted, curated selections from a passionate advocate of the area. Meaning the “home at the edge of the forest,” Maison L’Orée is the partnership between Rajat and Charles Banks. Guided by Rajat’s palate and knowledge, it will function as a traditional negociant, offering small quantities of hand-selected great wines from Rajat’s favorite vineyard sites in Burgundy.

Year founded:
Rajat Parr, Charles Banks
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